Jun 20, 2007

This should get you started

Ive been having huge amounts of contractions lately so i thought i better hurry up and post some pics of what ive been working on. Lets just say im on a baby knitting frenzy. Unfortunatly thats all that ive been doing. They say that you get this so called "nesting syndrome" when the baby is close to being due.... um yah, havent gotten that yet. Nothing is ready for the baby, the crib is still in the basement, the carseat is yet to be opened and assembled! I know, thats bad. I have so much organizing and getting ready to do, but it seems like i do the dishes, and im exhausted. Totally unmotivated.
I have an appt. today, last week i was 50% effaced, and was measuring small, so my doc. ordered an ultrasound to check the growth of the babe, i guess she is on the 30th percentile, so shes small, but not an emerg. yet. I thought she looked quite chubby on the screen myself, but what do i know. Its all so exiting, i just cant wait to meet her.

Anywho, heres what ive been working on ...
As of now, i realize that i cant try this on to see if it is going to fit and make changes if needed, considering my body is in a state of enlargement....Everywhere! But i just Could Not help myself! Its beautiful! I love every pattern in this book: Knitting Lingerie Style

This pattern is the shaped lace tee .
I am knitting it in the smallest size with the waist shaping. But actually used a sz. larger than the called for needles to get gauge.
I am using knit picks 'main line' which is 75% pima cotton, 25% merino wool. I absolutly adore it! it is so soft and has a perfect drape while still being lightweight.
The pattern is so easy and fun, and fast too. Now all i need to do is have this baby so i can wear it. Oh, and finish it of course.

Next up: baby knits!

Vine Lace Baby Hat from the new knitting daily website.
Knit in knit picks Pallette, the hat came out pretty small knit in such a fine guage yarn, but like my husband says, it will fit her right out of the chute.
Fun pattern, but needs constant attention.

I LOVED knitting this booty! Do you recognize it? Its the angora baby booty from LMKG.
If you havent tried this pattern yet i would recommend it, even if you dont have a baby to knit for..do it for yourself. It was so fun and really only took an hour to knit. But the best part is NO SEAMING! I usually dont mind seaming, but on tiny booties...Not Fun! Plus the directions on this pattern are amazing! So explanatory.
I knit it with Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, which was extra fun. and turned out great.
Sorry its missing its twin, i just had to share it with you!

Heres another one from LMKG. Knit in some cheapo walmart yarn, that actually turned out amazing. If someone really wants to know i can find out for you.

Here is the hat and booties set from Natural Knits For Babies and Moms. Knit in Caron Simply Soft. I love the picot edge on the hat, and the booties are sweet, but kind-of military-like . They definatly needed the ribbon!

Well, I have lots more knits to share with you, but for now, my all-out, sports-crazed husband:
He'd be the one four feet in the air, trying to kill all the girls in the family.


5elementknitr said...

What great knits! I love the pic of your hubby. That's hysterical.

What's LMKG?

marit said...

Hi, I found you through Tammys blog! I love the babystuff you've made. Lucky baby to have her mum knit her all that she needs!
Take care.

Rubys & Purls said...

I can't wait to see you in that top! Wow, it is going to be beautiful.

Your baby will be adorable in those hats and booties!!

Elizabeth said...

Your shaped lace tee is turning out beautifully! I can't wait to see it when it's finished.