Jun 13, 2007

This is me

Hi, My name is BethAnn, this is me:

Ok, so that was before i was 36 weeks pregnant. Here is a more recent pic: This is the three of us.. me, the love of my life, my dear husband and best friend, and the little one inside is our daughter, Acacia May.

Most of my day is filled with knitting and sewing and trying to keep clean our new home:
And now i enter into the land of blogging... kinda scary, putting yourself out there for the world to see, and judge. Im not quite sure why anyone would want to read what i have to say, or see any of my creations! Its quite a vulnerable position to put yourself out there for the world to judge. But I have enjoyed reading others' blogs for so long and I constantly find myself thinking of things i would share. I think it will be fun, and i look forward to meeting new friends.
I cant wait to take pics of my knitting and other projects and being able to share them with anyone who cares! (Coming soon!)


5elementknitr said...

Welcome! It's a..... blog! YAY!
(Is that enough exclamation points yet? Here's one more!)

Dont' be nervous or shy. Just be yourself! Don't do it for us, do it for you.

I'm very excited about your baby. They are so much fun. Don't let anyone tell you any different. I always hated when people would tell me the bad parts ("you'll never sleep again, blah, blah, blah). It's such bullshit. It's the coolest thing ever.

The best book I read while pregnant was, "So That's What They're For". It's a definitive, humourously written book about breastfeeding. I think I still have my copy if you want it. If you do, email me at
Ruth AT 5elementknit DOT com.

Can't wait to see more of your blog. Have fun! (That was a bonus exclamation point for ya.)

Tammy said...

Welcome to blogland! I love the picture of you and your hubby. What a great memory to have.

Charity said...

Hi BethAnn - I read about your new blog in Tammy's comments, and thought I'd pop over to say welcome! :0)

Rubys & Purls said...

Hi BethAnn! I was nervous and had the same concerns about a year ago when I first started blogging, but don't worry. I have found that blogging takes up more time then any other hobby! ;)

I can't wait to meet the little one. I am sure she will be just beautiful, like her mama!