Jul 12, 2007

Our New Best Friend

Meet our new best friend, the newest love of my life, Acacia May. My sweet June-bug was born three weeks early by emergency c-section, shes a tiny little thing, but healthy and so full of joy. How does one describe such love, its something one will never understand until they have a child of their own. I could have never understood. She was born june 28th, and since then my world is brighter. Its been two of the hardest yet most fulfilling wonderful weeks of my life. How does that work? I cant answer that, but i can attest to it! She gives me new reason to live, and she makes life worth living. Even at the extent of my exhuastion, i cant seem to set her down.

She has done nothing to make me love her, yet i would give my life for her. This must be the love of the Father, the Creator of the you and me. Now i understand. What an amazing miracle.


Michelle said...

Congratulations on your new arrival! She is so beautiful. Praise God!

5elementknitr said...

You make me cry! So sweet, so pretty! What fun!

mames said...

my she is beautiful and such a lovely teeny tiny thing. believe them when they say she will grow, my boys were so little and now they look like gerber baibes. i am happy to here though emergency c-section all came out well. take are, i will check in. smiles.

Anonymous said...

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